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The Word We Can’t Speak

by Jun 14, 201912 comments

There is one word that—even in our sophisticated 21st century world—we are still afraid to say at work….

One word we are afraid of. One word that every single person in the world wants to hear and be told, and yet we cannot bring ourselves to use it at work. This word, this emotion, is the one thing that humans crave most—both to give and to receive.

What are we afraid of? Are we still carrying around an archaic model of an ideal leader—the warrior, the hero, the chief, the invincible “take-no-prisoners, knows-all-the-answers, makes-no-mistakes, win-at-all-costs, Rambo-leader?

Are we are afraid that people will think of us as “soft”, indecisive, and weak because we demonstrate our vulnerability, humility and compassion? Are we so emotionally fragile and insecure that we lack the courage to actually express our emotions to each otherto be human?

It’s just a four-letter word, but those four letters have more power than a million others.

If we think that a rational, logical, “engineering” approach will work best, and that we “have always done it that way”, we should remember that,

The mind will only do what the heart tells it to.

Do you have the courage to use this four-letter word at work today? To inspire others with your beautiful heart as well as your brilliant mind? It is a word that most people struggle to utter—and try to avoid—in the workplace. But you have the power to change that, and therefore, to change everything.

Are you up for the challenge?