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ONE Dream® for Humana and Louisville

Mike McCallister, Humana Inc.’s Chairman and former CEO, knew that the election of Barack Obama would bring huge changes to his company. But he wasn’t certain what they might be. And he knew that the scale of uncertainty posed by the anticipated overhaul of America’s healthcare system would unnerve his (then) 25,000 employees and 17 million health plan members.

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We are each comprised of two dimensions—our Soul and our Personality. The personality is the exterior by which we are known to others and its engine is our ego. The soul is a deeper, mystical source that connects us to the sacred. The metric we use when working from our personality is success—a measure that is externally gauged. The metric we use when working from our soul is satisfaction—or what we might call joy—a measure that is internally gauged. The soul represents our true essence, our internal compass, what we long for and what, if supported generously by the personality, would guide us joyfully, and flawlessly, to what I call our Destiny, Character, and Calling.

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The Power of Workplace Design

I’m in the business of inspiration and leadership. In my many years working with leaders and organizations around the globe, I have studied leadership, researched it, written about it, experienced it, and facilitated it.

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Reinventing the Performance Appraisal

I have argued for years that Performance Appraisals are at best a subjective and intimidating process and at worst a demoralizing drain on profits and productivity. This is often considered heresy by some OD and HR professionals. So, to underline the validity of my claim, when I deliver a keynote speech, I sometimes prove my point by inviting audience members to vote for or against Performance Appraisals – it is always 100% for the nays and 0% for the yeas.

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ONE Dream® for Canada

Canada is one of the most admired and envied countries in the world. In contrast to our neighbor to the south, others have great respect for Canada’s more nuanced and successful approach to guns, international wars, terrorism, banking, healthcare, education, the social safety net, peacekeeping and immigration. In many ways, Canada is the country that many others wish they were.

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