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When reviewing performance, coaching others, mentoring, or leading, we often focus on the "performance issues" and this can lead to criticism, judgment and conflict, aggravated by unequal positional power in the conversation. Values-centered Leadership® and the use of The Vector Card removes these barriers, leading to "attunement"—a conversation between peers, grounded in a pure intention of helping each other to grow—without judgment or criticism and free of status and hierarchical or positional power. In traditional "performance management" conversations, we also tend to focus on a snapshot taken at a particular moment—the performance achieved to date, or the personal accomplishments at the time. From this freeze-frame perspective, there is only a minimal view of what the future holds. But inspiring mentors and leaders are deeply interested in passing the torch, in the progress of people—how they will grow and flourish in the future. The Vector is an indispensable way to conduct a coaching or performance management dialogue that measures the direction and magnitude of likely change and encourages personal development and growth - of both parties.

Those of you who are familiar with our work at the Secretan Center know that we are constantly striving to discover new insights and our quest often leads us to radical ideas and solutions. Our new Vector Personal Leadership Survey is one of them.

Why use the Vector?

Current research shows that 65% of North American employees are looking for another job and 80% of employees do not look forward to going to work on Monday morning. Conditions such as these lead to chronic underperformance in organizations and result in high staff turnover which remains the single largest avoidable cost in organizations.  In response to this condition we have synthesized over 35 years of applied research with Secretan clients (including 30 of Fortune's Most Admired Companies, and 11 of Fortune's Best Companies to Work for in America). As a result, our newly designed Vector Personal Leadership Survey provides our clients with a unique window into the leadership styles of individuals, and the relationships between leaders and others. It will show you:

  • How you see yourself as a leader
  • How you think others see you as a leader
  • How others actually see you as a leader
  • How you compare as a leader to the rest of your leadership team

While there are numerous 360 degree surveys available, until now, very few of them asked the right questions or dig deep enough to gauge the true condition of the relationship between a leader and his or her peers, and those to whom he or she reports, as well as those who are being led.

This new, cutting-edge instrument is available for organizations that seek to ask deeper questions which uncover the secrets of strengthening relationships in organizations with COURAGE and INSPIRATION....two essential keys for building world class organizations.