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Higher Ground Leadership®
  • We live in extraordinary times when breakthrough ideas and innovation are absolutely essential. Humana embraced the ideas in The Spark, the Flame, and the Torch, and they helped us define our future. We have been inspired by Dr. Secretan's groundbreaking work and every leader in America can be, too.
    Mike McCallister,
    President and Chief Executive Officer,
    Humana Inc.
  • Lance Secretan and his team helped us regain confidence in our culture during our darkest hour. With disruptive challenges being driven upon us both externally and internally, we had to go back to the basics: what is our dream, whom do we serve, how do we decide between tough choices? The principles reflected in The Spark, the Flame, and the Torch are the very essence of how we regained our way.
    J. Scott Spiker, CEO,
    First Command Financial Services, Inc.
  • Lance has inspired a movement in Louisville which is lifting us toward a bright and prosperous future—where imaginations and individuals thrive. He helped us identify our ONE Dream® and create the plan to both realize and sustain it. Lance helped hundreds of community leaders discover their personal Destiny, Character, and Calling, and in turn they are inspiring thousands of people to work together, erasing traditional boundaries, and achieving our greatest possibilities in business, education, and government.
    Joe Reagan,
    President & CEO,
    Greater Louisville, Inc.
  • The work done by Lance Secretan for our organization was seminal and transformational. The One Dream® engagement inspired us to break through our traditional boundaries to capture the essence of our dream—providing us with a deep and passionate vision that is both inspirational and aspirational.
    Len Crispino,
    President & CEO,
    Ontario Chamber of Commerce
  • Lance Secretan—through the use of his inspiring CASTLE Principles—shows us how to transform, stretch, and excite an organization to a new level of performance and excellence.
    Marc Benioff,
    Chairman and CEO,
  • Lance brings great insight to what makes our companies and people tick. This insight, combined with his energy and inspiration, creates that all-important call to action.
    Dave Mowat,
    President and CEO,
    ATB Financial
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