The Spark, the Flame, and the Torch:

Inspire Self. Inspire Others. Inspire the World.

We all long for greater authenticity, integrity, and inspiration from our corporations and institutions. The Spark, the Flame, and the Torch reveals a leadership path that will forever change your perception of yourself, others, your organization and the world around you—enabling you to live a more effective, purposeful, and inspiring life.

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Higher Ground Leadership®:
A Radical New Approach to Inspirational Leadership Proven to increase the bottom line in some of the Best Organizations in the World

Dr. Lance Secretan's much anticipated new book is broad, effective and extraordinarily inspiring. The Spark, the Flame, and the Torch is Lance Secretan's masterwork in which he has taken 35 years of intellectual property—which he calls Higher Ground Leadership®—developed through his research, client engagements, coaching and teaching experience, and integrated it into a unified theory of inspired leadership, that offers a comprehensive approach to being an inspiring person and therefore an inspiring leader. You will learn how to be a transformational leader and how to be the change the world needs for a brighter future. It is a brilliant work that helps leaders:

  • rethink the role of modern organizations
  • reassess our personal contribution
  • develop greater meaning and fulfillment
  • overhaul performance management and coaching practice
  • become clearer about future visioning
  • build stronger personal relationships and teams
  • rethink leadership, and
  • focus on inspiration

In his trademark style, Secretan combines case studies, experiences and clear examples from real people with whom he has consulted in world-class organizations and weaves them into simple, easily implementable concepts for how to inspire a team, organization or country—as well as friends and family.

The book, together with the many free links on this website, (i.e. downloadable instruments, study guides and other free tools) offers a comprehensive system for raising the level of inspiration in any organization.


Says Rich Cohan, System Director Integrity & Compliance and Chief Privacy Officer, for a large integrated healthcare system:

"I have read many "leadership" books and so many of them focus on only a few elements that we need to better understand in being a true leader but The Spark, the Flame, and the Torch offers a complete roadmap for each and every one of us to inspire others - in our profession, in our home lives and frankly, in everything we do. This book will inspire you to search deep within your value system, your purpose and your approach to relationships and if you embrace the journey Secretan leads us on, I am confident that you will emerge a better leader, better family member, better friend and, most importantly, a better person."


Says, Marc Benioff, Chairman and CEO,

"Lance Secretan—through the use of his inspiring CASTLE Principles—shows us how to transform, stretch, and excite an organization to a new level of performance and excellence."


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