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Inspiration in the Cloud
Dr. Lance Secretan

"Your "Inspiration in the Cloud" meetings are transformative. During one session you spoke of reframing the term “diversity” as "inclusion" instead. I appreciated that beautiful insight. I am African-American and it encapsulated the mind-shift needed for real progress and healing to begin."

Janet Alexander, Tampa, FL

"I find myself looking forward to each session, excited about the next one, and hanging on every word, every quote and every insight. I haven't ventured my own thoughts as I am so enjoying listening to everyone. This has been a great way to truly connect spirituality with work adding the depth to the Why, the Be and the reason to Do. Sharing knowledge is a gift. It allows us all to share further and be part of the change in the world that will take us to an ever greater place. Thank you Lance."

Toni Glover, Christchurch, New Zealand


"After the first session with Lance, I couldn’t wait for the following week to connect with him as well as the other participants … it has become a weekly highlight for me. Each session is well curated, insightful and has transformed how I think about myself and the world around me. Lance creates a culture of inclusiveness, I didn’t know many of the attendees beforehand, however Lance has a great ability to ensure we were all comfortable to share and provide our own insights. This has been one of those magical leadership moments! "

Stephen Broad-Paul, Queenstown, New Zealand

"Your weekly chats came at such an important time in our humanity. They've provided needed healing and connectivity, amongst so much chaos and uncertainty. And your leadership and empathy have helped to facilitate some of the most beautiful and vulnerable conversations I've been a part of in recent times. I believe anybody on those calls feels the same way."

Meghann Dawson, Madison, WI

"You don´t want to miss these sessions. Amazing experience. The best combination of collective wisdom, practical information and inspiration. With the unique magical touch of Lance Secretan. Victor Heredia, Tulum, Mexico I have just written my dream for my business—inspired by you. Thank you immensely."

Kerren McNamara, Carlton, Australia

"Lance's online Zoom video sessions give me an opportunity to pause, reflect and absorb wisdom. I always walk away inspired, enriched, and refreshed. It's a reminder to not underestimate the power of taking time to feed your soul."

Sue Pak, Auckland, New Zealand

"I have taken part in a number of fascinating and inspiring conversations with Dr. Lance Secretan. His research, knowledge and experience together with a practical and down to earth manner combine to allow a very open discussion about all aspects of leadership in a gentle, positive and accessible way. The use of the Spirit@Work cards can open or deepen any conversation in a relevant and often uncanny style that never fails to resonate. I have found it to be an extremely useful framework to begin to explore the deep emotional forces that drive us to do what we do and to be who we are."

Tony Dench, Takapuna, New Zealand

"For anyone serious about developing their leadership skills with the view of becoming more present and conscious with their people, I totally recommend this profound and timely experience with Lance Secretan."

Dylan Ditchfield, New Zealand

"I truly enjoyed these sessions and the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals in a safe space to share. Lance always shared some key insights that were useful and relevant to things I was navigating both personally and professionally. I highly recommend these weekly Zoom calls."

Linda Crawford, Edmonton, Alberta

Are you feeling challenged and yearning for a safe space to connect with like-minded souls, where you can show up as your authentic self?

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Every Thursday, 1100-1145 or 1900-1945 EST

  • The popularity of our free experiment for four-months as Covid took hold, has become a permanent Zoom offering. We want to ensure that this important work is available to everyone. So we are making it available on a donation, “pay-what-you-can” basis. Hopefully, this will be a win-win arrangement—you get affordable access, and we cover some of our programming and development costs.

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