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There are contemplative cards for almost every aspect of life—except business. Thankfully, Dr. Lance Secretan saw this need and created Spirit@Work® Cards to fill the void. Since their inception, people have found many applications for them in corporations and organizations of all kinds. They are now widely used for setting the tone of meetings, to provide inspiration during the workday, and as personal gifts of friendship and spirit.

Building on the success of his Spirit@Work® Cards, Secretan has designed a unique interactive presentation in which a randomly selected audience member is invited to select a Spirit@WorkCard to begin the transforming discussion. Each Spirit@Work® Card delivers wisdom and learning to the audience and the presentation is supported by a brilliant multimedia message. Also known to accompany the keynote, Lance’s friend Moe Dixon, America’s top après ski entertainer, has joined the show to amuse and invite the audience to sing along with him a well-known song that elaborates on the same theme.

Throughout the presentation, the audience is engaged, inspired and learning—and as cards continue to be pulled, the routine gets better and better. Sometimes, world-class artist and musician, David Rankine (who designed the artwork for the Spirit@Work® Cards), creates an original piece of art for each card chosen. The audience is able to watch its creation on a big screen, and, when completed, the art is offered as a gift to select participants.

Simply put, this format is inspiring and unique. It is audience-driven; it engages all the senses; it is entertaining and educational—there is nothing like it anywhere!

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