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Gord Theo, ON, Canada

Gord TheoGord Theo is a thought leader in what he calls the “Personal Evolution Revolution”. He deeply shares Dr. Lance Secretan’s passion of integrating corporate professional life with spiritual integrity.

“Fulfillment in our professional and personal lives can only be found through meaningful work that challenges us to engage all our natural talents, gifts and strengths. When we are inspired to move out of fear towards our passions, we begin to find the intrinsic value in our own unique voice. Here we begin to experience our own greatness and we become an incredible contribution of value to others, our organizations and to the world. Spiritual integrity requires that we personally evolve to empower ourselves to bring forth what is already in us. We need to find and speak with our authentic voices before they can be heard and answered. Organizational leadership must recognize and support our empowerment: its own depends upon it. Gone are the days of buying value with money for money. Real value can only be purchased with the currency of the soul, and that is love.” -GT

Gord Theo, ICF PCC, CVPP, RIHR, is a Certified Higher Ground Leadership® Coach, Executive Coach, Spiritual Coach and Psychotherapist. He holds the honor of being a Wisdom Keeper who has been initiated in the Shamanic traditions of the South American Amazon and the Bolivian Andes and as a Pipe Carrier in the North American Native Spiritual tradition. Gord Theo leverages over 20 years experience providing career consulting for countless professionals and executives having worked with many of Canada’s Fortune 100 companies as an Executive Search Consultant.