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Carolyn Keyes, Denver, CO, USA

Carolyn KeyesCarolyn Keyes is Newfield Network’s chief relationship officer and is responsible for the development of client relations both within Newfield’s public programs and within Newfield’s Executive and Organizational Division.  She works internationally on specialized projects that require the ability to work with diverse cultures and teams to align with clients’ performance goals.

In addition, Carolyn coaches select senior executives using an ontological approach – which integrates transactional and transformational coaching – to create profound shifts in the way they approach both their business performance and personal lives.

She also works closely with Newfield’s worldwide alumni community.  She created and expanded Newfield’s worldwide ambassadors now in their fifth year, oversees the Newfield alumni conference and is presently expanding the alumni community conversations to have the alumni share their expertise with the community.

She is also directing and driving the Newfield Speakers Bureau to create a platform of speakers for organizations and non-profits to access the wealth of speakers that Newfield has for events, meetings and workshops.  Carolyn is a 2005 graduate of Newfield’s and Villanova University’s Leadership and Coaching program, a 2006 graduate of Newfield’s graduate level program, Integral Pathways, and a 2008 graduate of the Coaching Excellence in Organizations program.  She has her B.A. from Wittenberg University.  Her background includes advertising, producing, acting, and writing.