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Learners and Knowers

by Jan 26, 20180 comments

There are two kinds of people in the world – Knowers and Learners.

Knowers have made up their minds about what they know, have set their beliefs and world-view, are certain that they are “right”, and enjoy pressing those beliefs on everyone else.

Learners understand that everything is changing, information is fluid, have the humility to understand that others also have insights and wisdom, and they are always asking questions (rather than providing answers) and remain open to fresh ideas and perspectives.

Knowers tend to harden their beliefs and polarize people because they are convinced they (and sometimes, they alone!) hold the keys to wisdom.

Are you a Knower, skeptical and sometimes cynical and so sure of your beliefs that you are closed to any others?

Or are you a Learner who is curious, searching, refreshing your ideas and updating your knowledge and thus being a contemporary thinker?

We are inspired by Learners – by their humility and their modernity. The future of the world belongs to Learners.