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Inspiration in the Cloud with Dr. Lance Secretan

Mastermind Membership Group for Leaders
  • You are doing well—imagine how well you could be doing if your entire team was inspired!
  • Are you feeling challenged and yearning for a safe space to be inspired and connect with like-minded leaders, where you can discuss bold ideas, apply breakthrough leadership approaches and recharge yourself and your organization?
  • Are you ready to make an impact and take action alongside other thought-leaders from across the globe starting with thoughtful conversation?
  • Are you feeling called to champion a new paradigm of possibility—in your organization and in business generally—in the post-COVID world?

How it works:

Members meet for two hours each month on Zoom for a year. Each member downloads the free mobile Spirit@Work® app from the Apple or Android stores prior to the conversation (see QR codes). Shaking the phone shuffles the cards, presenting a unique word each time with a brief explanation on the reverse.

Lance Secretan is the world’s foremost authority on Inspirational Leadership® and he uses these gifts to guide a conversation centered on the word chosen. Then, sharing his screen, Lance presents small bites of valuable wisdom that deepens the conversation around that word , illustrated with sumptuous multimedia, as he skillfully draws out the inner wisdom from each member.  A spirited discussion ensues and learning deepens. This process is repeated, generating a unique mixture of dialogue, sharing, group coaching, “the wisdom of crowds” and improv. It is a one-of-a-kind, participant-inspired experience, engaging all the senses, in an entertaining, educational—and above all, inspiring way.

You don´t want to miss these sessions. Amazing experience. The best combination of collective wisdom, practical information and inspiration. With the unique magical touch of Lance Secretan.

Victor Heredia

Tulum, Mexico



Subscription – $4,999 per year