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Inspiration in the Cloud
Dr. Lance Secretan

Lance Secretan is committed to changing the world, and particularly about changing the experience that people call work and the way organizations practice leadership. He is pioneering the global movement that is reinventing the way work and organizations function. The Secretan Center offers three virtual experiences for those who share a passion for restoring inspiration, meaning and fulfillment in our daily lives—especially at work, and everywhere else too.

Membership Plan for Individuals

Join our global community of passionate individual changemakers, who share and learn from each other as they collaborate to make the experience of life and work inspiring again, guiding organizations, familes and each other to new ways of thinking and behaving.

Membership Plan for Teams

Many teams work extremely well together—but it is remarkable what they can achieve when they are inspired. This Membership Plan is for teams from the same organization who want to strengthen their relationships together—both individually and as a powerful team—so they can be even more effective in making the world a better place.

Membership Plan for Leaders

With whom do leaders share their challenges, aspirations, dilemmas and dreams? Join a group of passionate leaders dedicated to building great organizations that are instruments of positive change in the world.