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  • Are you feeling challenged and
    yearning for a safe space to connect
    with like-minded leaders, where you can show up as your authentic self?
  • Are you ready to make an impact and take action alongside other conscious souls across the globe, starting with thoughtful conversation?
  • Are you feeling called to champion a new paradigm of possibility in the world post-COVID?


Using Zoom, each participant downloads the free mobile Spirit@Work® app from the Apple or Android stores prior to the conversation (or scan the QR code below). When the phone is shaken, the app randomly shuffles the digital cards, presenting a unique one each time with a brief explanation on the reverse.

Lance Secretan invites a participant to share their card and describe what it means to them and how it relates to current themes in their life. Sharing his screen, Lance then presents small bites of valuable wisdom about the card chosen by the member, illustrated with sumptuous multimedia, as he skillfully draws out the inner wisdom from each participant, before inviting a different participant to choose another card. This unique format is a mixture of dialogue, “the wisdom of crowds” and improv. It is a one-of-a-kind, participant-driven experience, engaging all the senses, in an entertaining, educational—and above all—inspiring way.