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Higher Ground Leadership® COACH Certification


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October 29 to December 17, 2020

When the opportunity to take Higher Ground Leadership® came up, I resisted. My belief was that “I’m not a leader”… I quickly learned that this belief was not true and embodied the wisdom that we are all leaders.

Higher Ground Leadership® applies to everyone, because although the name refers to leading – businesses, people, organizations, teams, communities – it is so much more than that. Higher Ground Leadership® is a way of being. Lance brings back humanness, the oneness that is our true essence. Through thoughtful and provocative conversations and the introduction of concepts that are tremendously effective, loving, and authentic for everyone, Higher Ground Leadership® has guided me towards creating the loving, flourishing world I so deeply desire.

I have rediscovered my “Essential Self”, which is also to say, my Soul. I now interact with the world from this space, cultivating inspiring and loving relationships (which also happens to be my ONE Dream®).

My favorite quote from Lance perfectly embodies my experience of Higher Ground Leadership® “We do not teach what we know, we teach who we are” – Dr. Lance Secretan.

Let me know if you like to see any changes. Thank you for the opportunity to share my experience.

Sarah McErlean

As an executive with twenty-five years of experience in healthcare philanthropy, I’ve spent many years working with colleagues, C-suite executives and donors to inform the philanthropic process.  If I had taken Dr. Secretan’s course, Higher Ground Leadership, many years ago it would have saved me a lot of time!  The Higher Ground Leadership course offers the opportunity to understand yourself and then goes deeper by using that lens to understand others.  This course is the best I’ve ever taken, and as a life-long learner, that’s saying something.  It changed my life and given me stunning tools to serve others in changing theirs.  Anyone, regardless of profession and experience, would benefit from participating in this seminar.  Dr. Secretan’s work is astoundingly unique and truly inspiring.

Penny Cowden, President, Philanthropy212

I have been an admirer of Lance Secretan’s work since he wrote the book “Inspire! What Great Leaders Do” many years ago. I jumped at the opportunity to learn how to apply the Higher Ground Leadership® principles in my life and my coaching practice. It all starts with me. As I ignite my spark, I have been able to help people fan their spark and together we will light the world.  The Higher Ground Leadership® principles have enhanced my practice immeasurably. My Spirit@Work® cards are beside my computer for every client call.
Nancy Steinhausen

People hire coaches to, “Inspire them to grow from where they are to where they aspire to be.

Coaches too, aspire to grow in the same way—to make breakthroughs, to develop personally and to expand their business.

The Higher Ground Leadership® Coach Certification introduces revolutionary ideas that will literally change your perspective—and your life. It is designed for experienced coaches who want to raise their game to an entirely new level. It deals with the whole person—coach and coachee— at the deepest levels, including professional, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical.

The Course consists of 7 two-hour teleclasses and participants are required to complete a practicum supervised by Dr. Lance Secretan and Deanna Stull, CXO of CoachVille™. This course provides 14 CCEU’s in Coach Specific Training. Registrants also receive a free copy of the Spirit@Work® Cards (value $100).

Following graduation, each participant will be able to join an alumni community of Certified Coaches, have access to all of the proprietary materials and website forums of The Secretan Center Inc., and receive discounts on products from the Secretan Store.

As a member of our growing community of coaches this program will enable you to deepen your understanding of both the philosophy and methodology of Higher Ground Leadership®, adding it to your existing formal coach training and certification. Our coaches are a community collaborating and supporting each other, and their clients, using this life-changing work to inspire individuals and organizations to transform their lives and live their ONE Dream®.