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The Higher Ground Community

Join the Higher Ground Community to Create an Inspired World

We have lived for centuries with a standard explanation for how the world works. But when we try to explain how very large things work—like galaxies and black holes, or tiny things like atoms and the space between them, or even things that travelled at the speed of light or sound—Classical Physics fails to offer an explanation. Quantum Physics emerged to give us an entirely new way to frame and analyze our world, and it reprogrammed everything we thought we knew about our planet and the universe. In some ways, Covid-19 is like Quantum Physics because it has given us a new lens through which to see our future. It therefore also gives us a new way to calibrate—will it be avarice and greed or joy and well-being? Exploiting people or nurturing them? Plundering or stewarding the planet? Playing win-lose games or win-win ones? Marketing cunning and deceit, or truthfulness and transparency in advertising? Fear or love?

Our time has come. Because the world so desparately needs hope and inspiration, we have launched a new movement—to, “Create a More Inspired World”. Terri Clark sings, The World Needs a Drink. We think the world needs a “shot”—of inspiration. The world is hurting and more of what we have been doing in the past, which got us to where we are now, is not a recipe for healing the wounds from which we are suffering or for creating the lives to which we all aspire. We are all urgently yearning to be inspired (and that is different from being motivated).

The Benefits you will receive as a Higher Ground Community Member

  • Listing on the Secretan website , offering another window of market exposure
  • Access to our network for collaboration and partnering together
  • Exclusive member-only events and education webinars
  • Regular Higher Ground Leadership® refresher educational events
  • Discounts on all Secretan Center products
  • Discounts on Pathfinder certification upgrades, and free Higher Ground Leadership coach training
  • Advance notice of  updates, training, tools and advice to help you inspire organizations and therefore “Create a More Inspired World”
  • Member-only access to proprietary tools and assessments from The Secretan Center Inc.
  • Opportunities to work with Secretan Center clients when requested
  • An invitation to play a role in building our movement  

The most important benefit is to collaborate with like-minded souls who share your passion to make the world a better place.

Are you ready to join us, to make the world more inspiring? If you are an executive,  consultant, coach, leader, parent, teacher, therapistor any other kind of inspired human being who wants to create an inspired worldyou have just found your tribe.

Membership in the Higher Ground Community consists of three steps:

  1. Become a member of the Higher Ground Community – Join Here
  2. Enroll in one of the upcoming certification experiences – Sign up here
  3. Actively participate in your new community and help to build it and create an inspired world