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Hanging out with, and learning from, your peers.

by Jul 10, 20196 comments

I just spent a wonderful weekend with 30 of the top Thought Leaders in the world. Every conversation was influential, informative and change-making. I learned a lot, was in awe of the influence the wisdom of my peers is having on the world, and, although I knew many of them, I made a number of new friendships.

And, to top it all off, I was honored as the 5th ranked Leadership Coach in the world, AND as the 13th ranked Leadership Expert in the world. For this, I thank all of you who support and encourage my work, and voted for me globally.


What did I learn? Here are a few things:

  1. Competition is fruitless—collaboration will change the world.
  2. Share your knowledge, experience and intellectual property freely and widely.
  3. We can learn from everyone—no matter what their background or expertise.
  4. Love is the most powerful glue between professionals—not their skills or knowledge.
  5. The world is in good hands if we listen carefully to those who have concrete ideas about how we can make the world better, safer and more inspiring.
  6. And I learned a lot of professional techniques and approaches that will help me to continue sharing my philosophy even more widely in the world.

When did you last hang out with a group of your peers, being the best version of themselves, from whom you learn and therefore grow?