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The Courage to Bring Spirit to Work

by Aug 16, 20131 comment

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Here’s a paradox of our times:

Most of us yearn for opportunities to bring spirit into our lives (whatever that may mean for each of us). But, most of us lack the courage to bring spirit to the one place where we spend most of our time – work.

Generally speaking, we are very successful, in many ways, in organizations.  But imagine what we could achieve if work was inspiring.

Because our organizations are so often uninspiring and our work fails to nourish our soul, more than three-quarters of employees work in environments that are unfulfilling, draining and uninspiring. This isn’t what we all had hoped for, nor what we yearn for.

To live a fulfilled life and create work environments that are inspiring and nourishing for the soul requires courage – the courage to say, “I want work to be inspiring; I want my work to be a soulful experience; and to achieve this, I must be the one who goes first”.

I define courage as “Reaching beyond the boundaries of our existing limitations, fears, and beliefs” – and it is the first of the CASTLE® Principles. It is the first because nothing happens until we are courageous enough to make it happen – we can’t say sorry, tell someone we love them, ask for help, admit that we do not know, set an example, or go first, unless first, we are  courageous.

There Are Three Steps to Being Courageous

  1. Making a personal commitment to a set of higher principles
  2.  Being aware and accepting of the risks involved in living by those principles
  3. Being willing to accept the consequences of those risks.

Consider how you might raise your level of courage today, and by doing so, raise the level of inspiration in your organization – and therefore the organization’s performance – and therefore how you change the world.  It starts with each one of us. And if not you, then who?