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Leadership is broken on all levels. In this 8 part podcast series, consisting of short audio segments, Dr. Lance Secretan discusses what’s missing from leadership as it is currently being practiced in organizations and outlines a path towards a new and more powerful way of inspiring and leading within organizations.

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Part 1: Introduction

Leadership is broken across all institutions. What can be done to fix it? This episode outlines what we will cover in the series.

Part 2: Leadership is Broken

What is leadership? And is leadership what we are really looking for?

Part 3: Motivation vs. Inspiration

What is the difference between motivation and inspiration? And what does that difference mean for leaders and leadership?

Part 4: The Spark

Discover the principles of “Higher Ground Leadership and the first step an effective leader needs to take in the process of leading others.

Part 5: The Flame

What do most people say that they DON’T want in a leader? And what qualities do they look for most in a leader? Discover the C.A.S.T.L.E. principles of leadership and the lessons for you.

Part 6: The Torch

In this episode you’ll discover the two primary ways that organizations attempt to change employee behavior and the potential pitfalls with both of them. You’ll learn about the Vector and how it helps predict performance and mastery.

Part 7: Creating a Love Story

What does a love story have to do with work? Discover the lessons that personal relationships have to teach us about how to create inspiring relationships in a work environment.

Part 8: Wrapping It Up

This episode puts everything together to outline a new approach to leadership, one that replaces the old, fear based model. Discover how all of the principles work together towards one creating inspiring relationships the benefits of that for leaders and organizations.

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