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March 2014 – Great Leaders Build a Culture of Courage in a Climate of Fear

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July 2013 – ‘70% Disengagement’ – 3 Ways To Engage Those Who Aren’t

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July 2015 – A World Class Learning Experience

April 2010 – Inspired Leaders Be the Spark, Flame, and Torch.

December 2009 – Unlearn and then Dream It’s a precondition of financial success.

January 2009 – Moral Courage It’s the hallmark of leadership.

November 2008 Lance has been ranked among the top 100 most influential thought leaders on Leadership for the second year in a row!

January 2008 – Building Trust I see skiing as a metaphor.

November 2007 Lance has been ranked among the top 100 most influential thought leaders on Leadership

June 2007  – Shibboleths of Leadership

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March 18, 2010 – Rekindling the Human Spirit in Business

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December 2009 – Inspiration Is Key To Business Success

by Sayward Spooner

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December 2008 – Building Inspiring Organizations

A wholehearted interview with Dr. Lance Secretan

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July/August 2005 – It’s the Key to Changing the World and our Own Lives

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Volume 3 Number 4 – Choice the magazine of professional coaching

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May 2010 –

How To Become A Conscious Leader: Be the change you want to see in the world.

Industry Week Columns

Below is a selected list of Lance’s articles from Industry Week. Find a complete list here.
Spirit At Work — Are You Really Listening?
Asking simple, critical questions leads to tangible, tough answers.

Spirit at Work — Learning Fuels The Soul
And education keeps organizations relevant to markets.

Spirit At Work — Wiring The Souls Of The World
New leaders see the Internet’s ability to link, liberate, and inspire humanity.

Spirit At Work — No Wallflowers At The Top
Inspirational Leadership® requires the energy of a strong ego.

Spirit At Work — A Curve to the Soul
Hard-edged work spaces typically aren’t conducive to creative work.

Spirit At Work — Hope vs Cynicism
The odds are in your favor.

Spirit At Work — Follow Your Calling
Recognize your own passion, then you can help colleagues find theirs.

Spirit At Work — The ‘L’ Word
Love: Sought by all but said by few.

Spirit At Work — Honey or Vinegar?
Too often, fear and intimidation take an economy-class seat to compassion and empathy.

Spirit At Work — Meditation’s Many Rewards
Contemplative practices provide valuable coping mechanisms.

Spirit At Work — Secrets To Making Amazing Profits: Part Two
Corporations need to rebuild their cultures around personal integrity.

Spirit At Work — The Conscious Leader
One who inspires others sees balance in the universe.

Spirit At Work — Declaring Tactile Territory
Harassment concerns are dehumanizing the workplace.

Spirit At Work — Secrets To Making Amazing Profits: Part One
Investing in people improves the bottom line.

Spirit At Work — Integration, Not Balance:
Enlightened leaders realize that boundaries are dissolving between the two former solitudes of work and life.

Spirit At Work: Customer Connections
New marketing to internal customers — employees — communicates a company’s culture and brand to external customers as well.

Spirit At Work — The Wake-Up Call
Why wait for fate to spur life changes?

Spirit At Work — Inspirational Teaching
Learning happens when a true connection is made between student and teacher.