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Vector 360° Leadership Survey

The Vector 360º Leadership Survey is based on Dr. Lance Secretan’s concept of Values-centered Leadership® and compares a leader’s perception of his or her operating style with the perception of their superiors, peers and subordinates.

A vector is defined as “a quantity, such as velocity, completely specified by a magnitude and a direction”. In other words, it measures the rate and direction of change.

Vector 360 Leadership

When mentoring or leading others we often focus on performance issues and this can lead to criticism, judgment and conflict, aggravated by unequal positional power in the conversation. One way of looking at leadership is to appreciate that high performance anywhere is achieved when we:

  1. Attain great levels of effectiveness (Mastery )
  2. Build great relationships (Chemistry)
  3. Serve others (Delivery)

We achieve these three primary values through, learning, empathizing, and listening—three actions known as accelerators. Recognizing these values and accelerators together is called Values-centered Leadership®. Through the application of Values-centered Leadership®, barriers are removed which leads to a conversation between peers, grounded in a pure intention of helping each other to grow.

The Vector 360° Leadership Survey measures how well we accomplish the six characteristics of Values-centered Leadership®, and will show you:

  1. How you see yourself as a leader
  2. How you think others see you as a leader
  3. How others actually see you as a leader
  4. How you compare as a leader to the rest of your leadership team

If you would like to evaluate the Vector 360° Leadership Survey, but do not have a Key Name, please contact us here and we will arrange for you to receive a complimentary survey so that you can do so.

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