The New Secretan E-Postcards

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In 2002 I wrote and published the [email protected] Cards, a boxed set including a velvet-covered book containing key words and philosophies adapted from many of my previously published books, and other writings, as well as an extensive amount of original material written for this project. The book contains companion text for each card, and a verse by Marie Knapp. Also included are two sets of 77 illustrated cards containing key words and phrases that inspire Higher Ground Leaders. Their purpose is to help invite spirit into one’s work and life. There are two sets of cards ó one for regular use, and a much smaller set for traveling. Each card is decorated with a unique design by David Rankine, featuring a different word and art for every card.

For some time we have hosted E-Postcards on our site and now we have redesigned this entire section with a beta version of the new E-Postcards. Please visit the E-Postcard site and celebrate and inspire your friends and colleagues. I hope you enjoy them.

During the next couple of weeks we will be adding a major upgrade – refections and wisdom drawn from the book to accompany each card. Please also feel free to comment on any aspect of the design, what you do and don’t like, and how we can serve your needs better – we are implementing changes and additions daily, so we welcome your suggestions and recommendations for improvements to this beta version.

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