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A Love Story – Guest Blog #2

by Dec 17, 20152 comments

guest-bloggerI have invited a number of authors, leaders and coaches who have reviewed my recently released book, A Love Story, to contribute their thoughts and ideas, and particularly those prompted by their reading of this book. Over the next few weeks they will share their insights and wisdom about the importance of building deep and loving relationships.  This second in the series is contributed by James A. Cusumano. He is an accomplished leader with many successful careers as entertainer, scientist, corporate executive, and entrepreneur. He started his career as the lead singer for The Royal Teens, a ‘50s & ‘60s pop group who made the Gold Record hits, “Short-Shorts” and “Short Shorts Twist”. After a PhD in physical chemistry, business studies at Harvard and Stanford and a Fellowship at Churchill College at Cambridge University, he served as a Director of R&D for Exxon. Dr. Cusumano subsequently co-founded Catalytica, Inc. one of Silicon Valley’s successful clean energy and pharmaceutical companies, which he grew from scratch to almost 2,000 people and $500 million in revenues. He then moved to Prague where he and his wife, Inez renovated Chateau Mcely, transforming it into an award-winning, luxury resort castle and spa boutique hotel and forest retreat, chosen by the World Travel Awards as “The World’s Leading Green Hotel.” An inspiring speaker, he is the author of numerous technical and business publications, the author of “Cosmic Consciousness—A Journey To Well-being, Happiness And Success,” coauthor of “Freedom From Mid-East Oil,” and author of “Life Is Beautiful: 12 Universal Rules”.



JIM'S PHOTOHaving journeyed through five eclectic professional “lives” over half a century in the fields of entertainment and technology, I eventually made a fundamental discovery above and Chateau Mcely Ibeyond all others that came my way: Love is truly the most powerful and gratifying force in the universe. And because it is gratifying, it is also the source of all lasting fulfillment—here and hereafter. I found that not only is love the most powerful force in the universe, but it is also the only thing you can take with you when your spirit leaves your body.

All of us who know Lance and Tricia recognize the incredible beauty, passion and magnificence of their love. They came into my life when Lance delivered a spectacular performance on Inspirational Leadership at our annual Leadership For Life program in Prague. This was followed by a workshop co-presented by both Lance and Tricia at Chateau Mcely. The workshop was attended by twenty CEOs, who were spell-bound by their presentation and the energy and spiritual connection between them.  

Lance and Tricia left an indelible positive mark on the business community in the Czech Republic. It was not just their expertise and experience; it was the power of their love for each other that underscored and magnified the wisdom they shared.

When I read A Love Story, it brought home again the impact that pure love can have not only on those in love, but also those in their presence. It is remarkable, unforgettable and a blessing to all.


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