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Values-centered Leadership®

The key to leadership lies in timeless values that help us to serve others. The following “Primary Values” help us kick-start personal growth and the change of a corporate culture:
  1. Mastery: Undertaking whatever you do to the highest standards of which you are capable.
  2. Chemistry: Relating so well with others that they actively seek to associate themselves with you.
  3. Delivery: Identifying the needs of others and meeting them with respect and a passion.
To become proficient in Mastery, Chemistry and Delivery, we must adopt three “Accelerators” to drive the Primary Values:
  1. Learning: Seeking and practicing knowledge and wisdom.
  2. Empathizing: Considering the thoughts, feelings and perspectives of others.
  3. Listening: Hearing and understanding the communications of others.
Powered by these Values and their Accelerators, our organizations then seek new Direction through Shifts from old values to new ones:
  1. From me to you.
  2. From things to people.
  3. Kaizen—continual improvement.
  4. From weakness to strength.
  5. From hostility, competition and fear to love.

Values-centered Leadership® is one of the most powerful coaching models in the world, and a leadership model used by thousands of organizations worldwide.

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