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Journey into My Truth: My Higher Ground Leadership® Transformation

by Mar 28, 20149 comments

Spirit@Work Cards 2From time to time we invite guests to contribute to this blog. The following was written by Kathy Madigan, Inspirational Dreamer, newly Certified Higher Ground Leadership® Coach, consultant and founder of the “The Power Company”.


We are all on a life journey, seeking the one thing that binds us all together—unconditional love—for it to be present in the now, in every breath we take and sight we see. Ideally, it wouldn’t require accolades or rewards for me to feel worthy, to feel whole, to feel loved—a journey that is never-ending.

Recently, my journey led me to the Higher Ground Leadership® Coach Certification, conducted by The Secretan Center, which required me to complete a Practicum as part of the Certification process.  I found myself surrounded by courageous, authentic, and loving people.  And when I re-read, “The Spark, the Flame and the Torch”, I thought about the many fires I had built teaching my children the “best” way to generate the most energy through heat. “Lighting” a fire is only half of the process. The way you build a fire—how you arrange the wood and sustain the oxygen—can affect how long the fire will last and the amount of heat it will generate.  If all of the necessary requirements are on hand, and a solid foundation has been built, then a small spark can ignite a roaring flame that will last for as long as it’s given the love and care it requires. Metaphorically, I realized this was the same for me. I could not keep doing this alone. I needed the breath, courage, and resources from others to open my eyes and my heart and realize who I truly was.  In order for us all to be whole in our “oneness”, we need each other to build the most sustainable fire. I realized that I’m not where I needed to be, but at least, thank God, I was not where I used to be.

So, I dusted off my [email protected]® Cards and designed my Practicum around choosing a card every day for 60 days as a path to self discovery. What positive energy, message or ripple effect would this have on my life on a daily basis? As I selected each card, I published them on Facebook, together with my reflections. After all, if I was to “be” what I had learned, then I could not keep hiding behind the persona of whom I thought I was “supposed” to be, based on the perceptions of others.

On the last day I chose my final [email protected]® card for my Practicum—the YIN YANG card. It all came together for me in that moment when I looked at the final analysis of my metrics.

I thought I had been pulling the [email protected]® Cards randomly, but the universe was, hard at work, teaching me deep lessons.

Among the learnings from the cards I pulled: I need to be AUTHENTIC in all of my actions in order to bring about WHOLENESS in my life. That there is a YIN YANG balance in everything and sometimes our opposites are our best teachers about ourselves—even if we don’t want to hear the message. There are people and situations from which we need DETACHMENT. Not everything is necessary in one’s life and I have to learn to detach from those things that bring me negative energy.—and HUMILITY is key. I need to consciously let go of my ego emotions and actions that make me want to be right all the time. Instead, I need to show patience, understanding and LOVE for the person who seems so annoying and causes anger within me. I realize there is BEAUTY in all of us. CHEMISTRY is within everyone if we look and listen with LOVE. And we need to maintain our FAITH that every situation is a part of our blessed story.

The probability of these cards repeating so many times in 60 days is mathematically less than 2%. Whether I used the Spirit@Work® app on my iPhone, the app on the Secretan website, or my preferred method of using the physical cards, shuffling and picking the one that spoke to me, the same cards often repeated themselves.

So this is now my focus for 2014, and beyond, as I journey into my own truth. Thank you again, Lance, for being my guardian angel and teaching me every day that if we keep things simple and loving, we can have the peace and life we so deserve. This truly was a “light” that brightened the darkness of my day and which shifted my focus so deeply, it has changed my life. I’m not perfect, but then again none of us are and that’s ok. So when my inner bully appears, I have a new tool to soften its presence.

What does the universe want you to know in all your magnificence?


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