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Posted on: March 11th, 2012 by Lance - 1 Comment | Permalink

Here is a simple idea: If each of us commits to being more inspiring, and we invite all our friends to do the same, and millions do it, we will change the world.  Simple, right?

Will you make a commitment today to be more inspiring in your meetings, your e-mails and phone conversations, your communications with others—especially the little day-to-day decisions and actions in your personal and work life?

It will be infectious—others will notice the difference in you, and they in turn, will become more inspiring too. In this way, it will catch on.

We can restore inspiration at work and in our personal lives through this one simple action.

Please take action by enrolling your friends and colleagues in this simple endeavor.

With your help, support, encouragement, and passion, we can create a movement. And by doing so, we can change the world. Please pass it on!

PS. If you are having a hard day today—pause before venting your frustration or anger and ask yourself this question (quoting Robert Greenleaf), “In saying what I have in mind will I really improve on the silence?”

  1. Dawn says:

    Hi Lance
    Thought this was a really great thought, but then I started thinking about what does this really mean. And that is when it all fell over and started unravelling. In concrete terms what behaviours, actions, statements are ‘being’ inspiring. And is it inspiring for the receiver. I am not sure I currently have an answer, but it has given me something to think about. What are ‘my’ behaviours that show I am being inspiring?
    If anyone comes up with something concrete I would be interested to hear.

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