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Infusing our Most Sacred Values in our Economy

by Apr 14, 2016Values0 comments

An epoch shift is emerging, one that will change the face of business as we know it. The old business model which focused only on profit is breathing its last breath. A new business standard is surfacing, one that embraces our most cherished and sacred values, one that nurtures humanity and the earth. The conscious business paradigm infuses our most sacred and cherished ideals in our local and global economy. This shift will enable business to become the most powerful force for creating a world that works for all.


Conscious business embraces the foundational truth: We are one with humanity and all of life. Business and all institutions of the human community are integral parts of a single reality – interrelated, interconnected and interdependent.


There is more, much more. You can read and sign the full Conscious Business Declaration created by Humanity’s Team, The Club of Budapest, The Goi Peace Foundation and The Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of Public Benefit out of Case Western University here:


In the months and years just ahead, humanity will insist that we infuse our most revered values in our economy. A business that adheres to this paradigm will flourish. Those who ignore this movement will do so at their risk. We believe these businesses will perish. A flourishing and thriving economy are just around the corner. Innovative new conscious business models that create profit by nurturing humanity and all life on earth will lead this movement.


Do you see yourself as a leader in this arena? Are you a change agent, coach, trainer, consultant, entrepreneur or intrapreneur who will be part of the vanguard? If yes, we invite you to join with us!


Join our FREE Conscious Business webinar series coming up April 18th – 22nd! Lance Secretan will be the featured guest during the April 19th webinar, and Rinaldo Brutoco, Ken Wilber and Alan Watkins will join Steve Farrell and John Thomas for other webinars planned that week. Don’t be left behind; come to the front and lead! 


You can register for the free Conscious Business webinars here:


It is time for a new standard for business in the 21st Century! Join us, and join the revolution!

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