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Higher Ground Leadership® Certification

by | Aug 22, 2010 | Authenticity, Calling, Courage, Effectiveness, Inspiration, Leadership, Service, Values | 0 comments

Last week the Secretan Center made a little bit of history — we certified an inaugural team of Higher Ground Leadership® practitioners from across North America using the new material from my latest book, The Spark, the Flame, and the Torch. We lived together for three days surrounded by beautiful art and gorgeous scenery, learned, laughed and shared a lot, ate too much, made new friendships, and resolved to change the world.

Participants were equipped with new information, many tools, an alumni organization, and a commitment to future support and collaboration. It was an exciting few days and promises to make a difference in the insurance, health care, travel, coaching and government organizations represented.

In the August 16, 2010 issue of Fortune magazine, Geoff Colvin interviewed Randall Stephenson, the CEO of AT&T. Colvin asked Stephenson this question, “An internal document showed that the company figured it could save $1.8 billion a year if it dropped health insurance. Is that actually a possibility?” Randall Stephenson’s chilling response was, “I do not know where we’re going to land on this. Long-term, things will land where economic gravity takes them…”

Economic gravity? So has it come to this? The number ten company on Fortune’s Top 500 list decides how to take care of the health care needs of its 300,000 employees on the basis of “economic gravity”? Is this newspeak for current attitudes in Corporate America? This calculating approach is what is sending a chill into the hearts of employees today.

Our work with the latest team of Higher Ground Leadership® practitioners and teachers aims to change this – to create organizations that inspire and therefore inspire customers and the world. If you would like to become certified in this work, and join the global team of passionate colleagues who believe there is a better way, please contact us.

I salute my colleagues last week for sharing their passion and energy and commitment to honor the sacredness of people and to join the thousands who are practicing and teaching Higher Ground Leadership® across the world, including 13 of Fortune Magazine’s list of Most Admired Companies. There is much that is more inspiring than “economic gravity”. Let’s roll up our sleeves and restore hope and trust in business.