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A Gift For You

by Nov 21, 20180 comments

There are angel cards, medicine cards, tarot cards, astrology cards, animal cards and an endless number of other cards that appeal to a wide array of interests. But in my work with leaders across the world, I noticed that no one had created a set of cards for business and its leaders. So we set about filling that gap.  Our first set of [email protected]® Cards were a big hit and we sold out of them almost immediately.  So we decided to double up and create a new version. I designed the 77 cards and wrote the accompanying book, and  David Rankine created beautiful original artwork and Marie Knapp wrote fabulous poems as a companion to each card. Then a few years later we created a mobile app for the cards. People loved them and so in 2018 we created a brand new version of the [email protected]® Cards mobile app. They are FREE and available from both the Google Play store and the Apple apps store.

These are the first cards ever developed specifically for a business setting and the rest of life. You can use them to start a meeting, enhance the tone of a meeting or add inspiration to one. They can be used as a way for people to introduce themselves at a meeting.  Or you can choose a card each day to guide you to higher values as you go about your life. [email protected]® Cards help people all over the world to build teams, inspire colleagues, boost creativity and innovation, get unstuck, raise performance, suggest solutions to difficult problems, communicate ideas and set the tone for the day. They are based on our work, collectively called Higher Ground Leadership® – the 77 words constitute the key ideas we teach in all our workshops, seminars,  keynotes, coaching and cultural transformation assignments.

Here is how to use them:

  • Shake your mobile device and it will automatically shuffle and then choose a random card for you
  • Tap the card to turn it over to read a brief description of the meaning of each card and message
  • Click on the “share ” option to let your friends on social media know which card you chose today
  • Save your favorite cards
  • Browse useful related links

Did you know that you can also send a [email protected] Card Greeting for birthdays, anniversaries or special occasions – or just to let people know that you care?

Please let us know how you like our new [email protected]® Cards, and what improvements or add-ons you would like to see. Share with your friends and spread the word – inspiration is always a welcome gift.


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