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The Higher Ground Leadership® MasterClass

Copper, CO, Mar 5-7, 2020

Caledon, ON, July 16-19 2020

Over the years hundreds of leaders, consultants, HR executives and trainers, consultants and coaches have enrolled in our Certification Program in Higher Ground Leadership®. This has enabled practitioners from diverse backgrounds and interests to learn this work and share it with others (see my blog).

The first of these was held at my home near the Forks of the Credit Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada in 2010.  Subsequent Certification experiences have been held several times yearly at my homes in Ontario and Colorado.

Here is Some Background and Description of Benefits:

The Higher Ground Leadership® MasterClass event consists of three parts:

  1. The Learning Experience: This takes place over three days. It is an intensive immersion, taught personally by Lance Secretan, in which a small number of participants learn the concepts of Higher Ground Leadership®, described in The Spark, the Flame and the Torch and 21 other books and over 35 years of research. The intention is that you and other leaders, consultants, coaches, teachers, facilitators and trainers can enhance your own work and deliver programs based on the principles of Higher Ground Leadership®, using it in your own practice or organization. Or you may simply wish to live the principles in your daily life. You will also be joining a network of people who share similar goals and backgrounds, offering a new community of collaboration.
  2. A Six-week Teleclass Series: These are two-hour, live, on-line workshops conducted by Dr. Secretan during which you will benefit from refresher lessons designed to deepen your learning and which offer an opportunity to apply the new ideas you have gained in your day-to-day world. Participants from other Secretan events will join you, which results in shared learning with a fresh group of colleagues.
  3. A Practicum:   This is a project, for example, a new or challenging coaching client, designing a learning program, initiating a project, creating a leadership development initiative, developing a speech or presentation, running a workshop, or updating an existing program such as performance management or on-boarding. Once the project has been designed and approved, Dr. Secretan will be your mentor, offering any guidance you need to design a successful outcome for your assignment, using the principles of Higher Ground Leadership®.


The three steps to inspiring people and their organizations and communities to greatness:

  1. The Spark—How We Become Inspired.
    1. We cannot be inspiring for other— employees, clients, customers, vendors and suppliers—until we are inspired ourselves. The first step is to define our North Star—why we are here—what we call Destiny, Character and Calling (
    2. Building Inspiring Relationships—great organizations are built one inspiring relationship at a time ( There are tools and ways of being for achieving this, some of which draw on Dr. Secretan’s 19th book, A Love Story.
    3. Defining Our ONE Dream®—great organizations have moved beyond Mission, Vision and Values Statements—they have ONE Dream® that galvanizes passion and inspires the world.
  2. The Flame—Inspiring Others.
    1. Living in a way that inspires others to do great things and makes the world a better place. We do this by living the CASTLE® Principles—a proven recipe for inspiring others.
  3. The Torch—Inspiring the World.
    1. Coaching, mentoring, teaching, leading, growing others; paying it forward and creating a legacy. (The Vector)

What You Will Accomplish During the Retreat:

  • Increase your ability to inspire others to excellence
  • Unlock new skills for building inspiring relationships
  • Recharge your own levels of inspiration
  • Learn how to teach this work
  • Change your life —and the lives of others—forever.

The end goal is to support you in teaching this work, sharing it with your clients, and energizing your team, and for us to use our time together to help you to implement your own training, coaching and development plans and needs. The group will be restricted—less than ten—enabling a level of intimacy that leads to a productive pace and maximum interaction.

The MasterClass Community

We have created a thriving alumni community, as well as a private area on our website where proprietary materials can be accessed. We run regular free teleclasses for MC Graduates, we provide a MC Graduates logo for use on your website and business cards, and we regularly adapt tools and refine our website in order to facilitate future collaboration and continue the learning and development that we begin in these sessions. Pathfinders also receive a 30% discount on all Secretan Center products in our E-store, including surveys, books, CDs, DVDs and other materials.

Before You Leave

Each curriculum is adapted to fit the specific needs of each individual participant, and a pre-certification conference call is held to enable us to synchronize our mutual expectations and make sure that our time together meets your needs.


Copper, CO March 11-14 2020 and Caledon, ON, July 16-19, 2020

Here are Some Logistical Details:

We will be working together the evening of your arrival day, Wednesday (let us know what time, and how you will be arriving, so that we can try to assist you with pick-ups and schedule our start time), and the days of Thursday, Friday and Saturday and departing the evening of Saturday or the morning of Sunday (please let us know your travel schedule so that we can guide you regarding any logistical/transportation details).

CANADA: You will be heading to Caledon, Ontario and working at my home which is about 50 miles northwest of Toronto’s airport. There are many B&B’s in the area and we will be pleased to make a recommendation.

UNITED STATES:  You will be traveling to Denver and then taking a shuttle to my home in Copper Mountain, CO, which is about 75 miles west of Denver International Airport.


Your total cost, apart from incidentals, for this event will be $3,500. This will cover the tuition fees and materials. It does not include air and ground transportation, lunch and evening meals or accommodation. Following your acceptance, Tricia Field will contact you to obtain your payment details. Please let Tricia Field know ([email protected]) if you have any food preferences or allergies, and if there are any other issues that you would like us to know, and we will ensure that we accommodate you.

We look forward to your participation in Copper Mountain, Colorado or Caledon, Ontario– just contact us at [email protected] with any questions you may have.  After we receive your payment, we will send you the draft outline of the material we will cover during the Higher Ground Leadership® Pathfinders Certification, together with all other necessary information.  We will also give you the details for the pre-retreat conference call with Dr. Secretan to align your expectations and answer all your questions.

We look forward to spending this inspiring time together and to working closely with you!

Lance Secretan
Founder & CEO
The Secretan Center Inc.