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Consulting in the Rocky Mountains

Rocky Mountain Ski TripLance Secretan has been a life-long passionate skier and outdoor athlete. His other passion is changing the world.

You are invited to be Lance’s guest at his mountain retreat, where you will be swept away from Denver International Airport to Copper Mountain and be pampered in the top rated home in the resort. This is a perfect place to plan, strategize, think, and to dream—to unravel knotty issues and learn how to inspire others.

Some leaders bring their entire senior leadership teams to strategize about the best ways to engage Lance in a new initiative within their organizations. Working and skiing together, you will be with an expert skier and an expert on leadership and building inspiring organizations. Distractions will evaporate and you will leave with clarity about the future, greater personal awareness, and happy memories of good company.

Join Lance for a Rocky Mountain High at his Colorado home for a unique and inspiring experience.