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ONE Dream®

You don’t need to be a genius or a visionary, or even a college graduate for that matter, to be successful. You just need a framework and a dream.” – Michael Dell, CEO, Dell

Over 35 years at the Secretan Center, we have discovered that the common, unifying experience among winning teams, great endeavors and extraordinary achievements—is a dream.

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A dream is not the same as the familiar “Mission, Vision and Values” statements favored by so many organizations. Nor is it the traditional “strategic plan”. A dream is a greater order of magnitude. It is a bold declaration of how we are going to make the world a better place, what new frontier we are going to establish, how we will redefine the game we play, the new standards we will set, and what we will do to light fires in the imaginations and hearts of all those we touch.  It defines the end-state for a journey of transformation. It inspires the spirit even more than the personality. And it drives strategy.

The Secretan Center has developed a breakthrough system that invites leaders, their teams and all who contribute to the success of an enterprise, to identify, realize and sustain their dream—their most extraordinary, ambitious, never-before-achieved aspirations. We call it the ONE Dream® Process. It is a radical reinvention of strategic visioning which surpasses conventional “market research or intelligence gathering” systems and techniques, using the very latest discoveries in game theory, psychoneuroimmunology, brain science, mathematics and social psychology.

We begin by identifying what we call “Permission Space“, defined as “the strength and direction of the energy that will be freely offered by all constituents (employees, customers, competitors, unions, media, government, politicians, opinion-former’s and thought leaders) to help an enterprise or organization achieve its ONE Dream®. Permission Space is the “will”—the energy, bias and passion—of all constituents (those parties with a stake in our future, and the power to hinder or accelerate it).  It is the platform upon which we build the ONE Dream®.

The central philosophy that powers the ONE Dream® process is our belief in dreams to inspire organizations and communities and their stakeholder/constituents to outstanding performance and higher levels of being. Modern organizations have forgotten how to dream and instead have adopted stale, uninspiring statements and slogans generated from obsolete strategy and marketing theories. Mission statements often fail to arouse passion, but dreams always inspire—history is filled with examples of great leaders with big dreams. If an organization aligns its entire cultural architecture and energy behind the realization of ONE Dream®, breakthrough results—big dreams—can happen for people, customers, the organization and the community. (See the White Paper, “ONE Dream® For Humana and Louisville” here). Research shows that organizations with a dream (and the strategy to realize it) outperform those who do not by a significant margin.

Dreams are like that—they contain the power to change the world.


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