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Nicole Nelson

Nicole NelsonA beautiful blend of logic and intuition, Nicole is a long time student of professional, personal and spiritual development. Nicole has faithfully observed human nature throughout her various experiences in business, education and nonprofits. She has been labeled on more than one occasion as a “life changer” & thrives on inspiring others to get from where they are to where they wish to be. In more recent years, as a Higher Ground Leadership® coach and student of Eden Energy medicine, Nicole has recognized that the only obstacle to achieving anything is a lack of personal or professional alignment. Nicole uses her Toolkit for Life to restore congruence between mind, mouth, heart and feet! The result? Increased connections, prosperity, effectiveness, freedom, satisfaction, love… Using learned techniques, Nicole herself has had an amazing life that is ever-expanding: leadership training with Lance Secretan, Donna Eden’s energy medicine certification program, life abroad in Europe and Canada, spiritual study including yoga, meditation, Qi Gong & Law of Attraction, mastery of swing & latin dancing, and advanced degrees in both science & humanities. The sum of all her experiences has resulted in a rich life but also truly benefits her clients who, like she did, seek to get over themselves, find their “true North” & receive satisfaction.

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