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Mia Turpel

Mia Turpel (2) Executive leadership takes finesse—a framework of relational empowerment and know-how strategies that really work. Mia Turpel knows both.

Her one-on-one inspired approach to teaching, coaching and mentoring lift you to higher ground. She walks you through the process of “letting it go”—shifting your perception away from the blocks that mire clarity and muddle goals. Mia then takes you step-by-step to claim your high-performance presence through engaging your key strategic strengths.

Right attitudes. Well-defined boundaries. Conflict solutions. Mia shows how these concepts come together to form a collective heartbeat—synergistic engagement—moving you from stressed out to streamlined, a joyful workplace and heady success.

The founder of Performance Support Partners, LLC, Mia has valuable experience in executive coaching, business consulting, project management, and corporate-culture logistics. Her clients appreciate her ability to break major undertakings into manageable bite-size pieces as well as her ability to surface a client’s underlying “super powers”—those prewired gifts that, once nurtured, catapult leaders to success. Mia’s specialty is assisting individuals within a team at tagging their core strengths, fitting these strengths together in a synergistic “puzzle” of interdependence—then moving the team forward in open/honest communication, enhanced efficiency and effectiveness toward a desired goal.

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