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Lynnea Hagen

Lynnea Hagen Lynnea Hagen, MS, provides holistic coaching, teaching and retreat services to leaders and their teams. As owner of The Abundance Company, Lynnea is a professional speaker, best-selling author (The Spirit of Silicon Valley—Journeys and Transformations Beyond Technology), entrepreneur and collaborative leader. Lynnea is a featured guest for TV, radio, and online media, and hosted her own live-talk radio program, “Abundance Leadership”.

She holds certifications in Life, Group, Small Business, and Executive coaching, as well as business planning. She has coached CEO’s, directors and company presidents in a wide range of organizations, large and small.  Lynnea’s professional credentials include a background with Disney and AT&T, and clients such as H.P., Cisco, Intel, The Salvation Army, and Boys and Girls Club of America.  She holds undergraduate degrees in psychology and sociology, and an MS degree in Organizational Development.  Lynnea started coaching groups in 1987, which ignited her passion for helping others get out of their own way, and fully blossom into their greatness.
Lynnea is a mom to twin sons, and resides in San Jose, CA.

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