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Karen Gomez

Karen Gomez Karen Gomez is widely acknowledged as an insightful and intuitive coach and teacher of holistic studies. She is the founder and of We Are The ONES Wellness and Coaching, and her focus is to inspire people to trust their inner voice, live as a passionate and courageous individual, and to serve others through coaching and teaching to live a fulfilling, spiritual life. She is a certified Higher Ground Leadership ® coach, a Holistic Life and Wellness Coach, and master teacher of yoga, meditation, and energy healing. Her teachings on Mindfulness for Clarity, The Conscious Leader, Stress to Resilience, and Seven Dimensions of Wellness are a few of her programs offered. Individuals, organizations, and non-profits have experienced remarkable transformations through her unique coaching, wisdom and approach. She has helped companies and individuals transform their thinking on mindfulness and how daily meditation in and out of the board room result in greater clarity and productivity for the individual and the organization. She lives in Madison, CT with her husband enjoying the New England Shoreline.

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