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Garnet Mierau

Garnet Mierau

An international and experienced Corporate Trainer and Business Coach, Garnet lived most of his life without owning who he was. His gift is in working with men and women who want to show up in the world for who they are. Or who have yet to discover what it looks like for them so that they can get to the next level of their success.

Garnet’s clients have included CEO’s, millionaires, best-selling authors, online marketers, entrepreneurs, government agencies, consultants and coaches – and their lives have transformed. Garnet shares his “Myth at the Pith” Coaching and Training to individuals and organizations around the globe. His coaching is highly personalized and tailor-made. And working with Garnet requires courage and heart. If you want something different, you are going to have to DO something different!

Based in the Okanagan of British Columbia, Canada, Garnet enjoys the journey of co-parenting his two children Birch and Lindsay….and he has realized that he knows very little about life after all!

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