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Doug Petersen

Doug Peterson 2Doug helps organizations and individuals see how their professional and personal core values impact their clients, customers, coworkers, family and friends. He has facilitator experience for workshops on personal values, discovering a person’s destiny, relieving stress through guided meditations, life integration, and other similar topics. He inspires others through his writing, speaking, and coaching.
Doug grew up on the East Coast and shortly after he entered a military college, he enlisted in the US Army and went to flight school to learn to fly helicopters. He is a decorated Vietnam veteran, having served more than twenty years as an aviator in the United States Army. Doug continued to serve others by working in the financial services industry for twenty-five years, helping families with their financial security.
Today he continues to take deep-seated passion in making a difference in the lives of others through his life-affirming messages, and is fulfilling his life’s purpose by inspiring people into action. “My life’s purpose is to mentor and inspire an awakening in others, through care and compassion, a self-awareness of their personal values and self-worth.” ~ Doug Petersen
He is an award-winning author of six enlightening, thought-provoking books, reaffirming the good in all of us. His fourth, fifth, and sixth books were the 2012, 2013, and 2015 Global EBook winner under the Inspirational/Visionary Non-fiction category.

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