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Holiday Stocking Stuffer Idea

A Love Story: An Intensely Personal Memoir, is the story of my soulmate Tricia’s and my remarkable 30-year journey together, using poetry I had written privately to her over the years, woven through the narrative. I write about leadership, so this a big departure for me. To my complete amazement, it won many awards for design and writing, and even a poetry award (I never considered myself to be a poet!). Many couples tell me they read a chapter to each other each night before turning the lights out. Treat the special person in your life with this gift! Click here for a 50% discount—use the code “LOVESTORY”.

Starting a Movement – Share Your Voice!

My forthcoming book, The Bellwether Effect is due May 15th, 2018. It is a heavily researched investigation into why there is so much dysfunction in corporate life for so many people and how to change this and regain our passion for work life. (It contains over 70...

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Not Everything on the Internet is True!

I am in the process of finishing my next book. As all writers appreciate, the Internet is a wonderful resource for research, fact checking and searching for data, stories, quotes and more. But the Internet is notoriously sloppy as an arbiter of facts. For example,...

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Learners and Knowers

There are two kinds of people in the world - Knowers and Learners. Knowers have made up their minds about what they know, have set their beliefs and world-view, are certain that they are "right", and enjoy pressing those beliefs on everyone else. Learners understand...

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Book Title Help Requested!

I am close to finishing my next book which will be published in the Spring.  It describes how organizations (often mindlessly) copy the business practices of pace-setting organizations, consultants, and academic institutions (I call these Bellwethers), the 8 most...

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The Bellwether Effect

I am in that strange place where authors live from time to time - the twilight zone between the intense period of writing a book and coming close to the end of the writing/researching journey, and now wondering if it will make sense to the world when it is finished....

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Global Oneness Day

I am absolutely thrilled to be a featured speaker during the 8th annual Global Oneness Day on Tuesday, October 24th.  I hope you will join me in registering and participating this year! Over the past eight years, Global Oneness Day has grown and matured into the...

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Thank You Friends!

This has been a big week for awards for the Secretan Center. We have once again been ranked in the "Top 30 Leadership Gurus in the World" and also in the "Top 30 Coaching Gurus in the World". This continues  a trend we have been fortunate to enjoy for several years in...

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