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The Word We Can’t Speak

There is one word that—even in our sophisticated 21st century world—we are still afraid to say at work….

One word we are afraid of. One word that every single person in the world wants to hear and be told, and yet we cannot bring ourselves to use it at work. This word, this emotion, is the one thing that humans crave most—both to give and to receive.

What are we afraid of? Are we still carrying around an archaic model of an ideal leader—the warrior, the hero, the chief, the invincible “take-no-prisoners, knows-all-the-answers, makes-no-mistakes, win-at-all-costs, Rambo-leader?

Are we are afraid that people will think of us as “soft”, indecisive, and weak because we demonstrate our vulnerability, humility and compassion? Are we so emotionally fragile and insecure that we lack the courage to actually express our emotions to each otherto be human?

It’s just a four-letter word, but those four letters have more power than a million others.

If we think that a rational, logical, “engineering” approach will work best, and that we “have always done it that way”, we should remember that,

The mind will only do what the heart tells it to.

Do you have the courage to use this four-letter word at work today? To inspire others with your beautiful heart as well as your brilliant mind? It is a word that most people struggle to utter—and try to avoid—in the workplace. But you have the power to change that, and therefore, to change everything.

Are you up for the challenge?


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2018 EDGE (Educate Discover Grow Execute) Conference

On October 4th, 2018, MacKay CEO Forums is holding a one-day conference at the Hilton Toronto. The theme is “Embracing Innovation and Technology”. Keynote speakers include Peter Diamandis and Amanda Lange (see the agenda here), and if you want to know about blockchain...

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    According to The World Health Organization: Today, there are around 600 million people aged 60 years and over worldwide. This number will double by 2025 and will reach two billion by 2050, with the vast majority of older people in the developing world. I...

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Never Give Up On Your Dream!

In the early 2000’s I conducted research to find out what characteristics were common among great leaders, both living and deceased. I learned that first and foremost, great leaders have a powerful connection to a higher purpose—the reason they are here on Earth—what...

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Going, Going, Gone!

The Kindle version of my latest book, The Bellwether Effect, is on sale on all Amazon and Indigo websites for US$0.74 (CDN$0.99).  This offer ends Sunday night June 30 after which the price will increase to $12.95 US. So please take advantage of the remaining few...

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New Release: The Bellwether Effect

I am excited to let you know that my latest book (#22!) is now available in all markets. Because I believe this message is so important for the world right now, I am making the Kindle version available of Amazon sites for US$0.99 until the end of June, 2018. I really...

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Is There Any Priority Higher Than Leadership?

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Replacing Corporate Malaise with Corporate Passion

In my last blog I wrote about the subject of my recently released book—the crisis of disillusionment in, and with, corporate America, the danger this poses to our society, and our well-being, and how we can turn this around. I highly recommend that you watch this...

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Starting a Movement – Share Your Voice!

My forthcoming book, The Bellwether Effect is due May 15th, 2018. It is a heavily researched investigation into why there is so much dysfunction in corporate life for so many people and how to change this and regain our passion for work life. (It contains over 70...

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