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The [email protected]® Cards Mobile App

I want to let you know that our [email protected]® Cards mobile app has received an update.

The [email protected]® Cards and Book Set were originally written and designed in 2000. They were an immediate hit. So we created an updated version in 2002 and also a digital web-based card service. These were a big hit too.

These are the first cards ever developed specifically for a business setting and the rest of life. Organizations and individuals use them by choosing a card to set the tone for their day, start a meeting, enhance the tone of a meeting or add inspiration to one. Authors, artists and leaders use them to clear “writer’s block”. [email protected]® Cards help people all over the world to build teams, inspire colleagues, boost creativity and innovation, raise performance, suggest solutions to difficult problems, communicate ideas and set the tone for your day. They are based on the work of The Secretan Center Inc., known as “Higher Ground Leadership®”, which has been adopted by individuals, corporations, healthcare and academic institutions and governments around the world. The set consists of 77 cards, each with a specific theme that will guide you in planning, decision-making, or simply sparking a fresh way of looking at things, each with gorgeous artwork by acclaimed artist David Rankine ( Each card includes a message to kick-start an idea or suggest an answer to a question for you. The latest update (Version 1.1) includes a small number of improvements to the app based on user feedback.

With the [email protected]® Cards you can enjoy these features:

  • Shake to shuffle the cards and obtain daily wisdom
  • Tap the cards to turn them over and read the full meaning of each card and message
  • Share your card and its message (Facebook, Twitter, E-mail)
  • Save your favorite cards
  • Browse useful related links

Download the latest version of the [email protected]® Cards Mobile App in the Google Play Store or the Apple Store, and enjoy! I would love to hear your feedback.

And lastly, I have a favor to ask you: This has been an award-winning period for us at The Secretan Center—I was recently ranked #5 in the Top 30 Global Gurus in Coaching and #13 in Leadership–and we are grateful to you for your support. Another major award is coming up, one of the most prestigious: the Thinkers 50, which ranks the top 50 thought-leaders in the world every two years. If my work has touched you (or any of your friends) in any way, I would be very grateful if you (and they) would vote here. Thanks again for your support.

Thank You!

I am very grateful to everyone who supports my work as a coach and advisor to leaders.  This week I have been ranked #5 in the world as a Coach and #13 in the world as  Leadership Teacher. Knowing me as you do, you understand so well, that motivating with fear is a...

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Discovered: Why There are so Few Leaders

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Celebrating Mary Oliver

Mary Oliver passed away last week.  For those who loved poetry and nature, Mary Oliver was a muse, an inspiration and a lyrical writer. Famously, and metaphorically, she wrote in her poem "The Summer Day", “You do not have to be good. You do not have to walk on your...

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The Employee is the New Customer!

Our understanding of the role of corporations has moved through a series of evolutions. It was generally accepted 50 years ago that the main purpose of a corporation was to increase shareholder wealth. Economist Milton Friedman cemented this thinking in our culture...

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Holiday Stocking Stuffer Idea

A Love Story: An Intensely Personal Memoir, is the story of my soulmate Tricia's and my remarkable 30-year journey together, using poetry I had written privately to her over the years, woven through the narrative. I write about leadership, so this a big departure for...

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A Gift For You

There are angel cards, medicine cards, tarot cards, astrology cards, animal cards and an endless number of other cards that appeal to a wide array of interests. But in my work with leaders across the world, I noticed that no one had created a set of cards for business...

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Aren’t the “Soft Skills” the “Hard Skills”?

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The Shortage of Inspiring Places to Work

Business leaders are crying the blues about the so called, “shortage of talent”. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, a Professor of Psychology at Columbia University, where he teaches MBA students. says that when he began teaching MBA students they all wanted to work for...

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2018 EDGE (Educate Discover Grow Execute) Conference

On October 4th, 2018, MacKay CEO Forums is holding a one-day conference at the Hilton Toronto. The theme is “Embracing Innovation and Technology”. Keynote speakers include Peter Diamandis and Amanda Lange (see the agenda here), and if you want to know about blockchain...

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