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Dr. Lance Secretan is the author of 15 books about leadership, strategy, corporate culture and transforming organizations and cities into places that inspire people.

After successfully building a Fortune 100 company from scratch to 72,000 employees he retired and accepted a position as a professor at a leading university, where he taught MBA students and aspiring executives.  He was given a set of textbooks from which to teach – but he found they bore no resemblance to his experience as a leader. So he wrote his own based on what he had learned as a practicing CEO. And so was born his new career as a bestselling author, with the publication of Managerial Moxie: The 8 Proven Steps to Empowering Your Employees and Supercharging Your Company.

Two of Lance Secretan’s books have been written in fable format : The Way of the Tiger:  Gentle Wisdom for Turbulent Times, and Living the Moment: A Sacred Journey.

Over 35 years as a consultant, advisor to leaders and executive coach, Lance has developed an overarching theory that has been widely – and extremely successfully – implemented in corporations as well as not-for-profits, healthcare, government and education.  These include:  Reclaiming Higher Ground,  Inspirational Leadership, Inspire, ONE, and his latest masterwork, The Spark, the Flame, and the Torch.

Many of these books are also available in the form of instructional CDs and DVDs.

[email protected] Cards

When Lance Secretan created the [email protected]®Cards they were an immediate hit. Designed by David Rankine (who also created “Confluence”, the art on the cover of A Love Story), they come in a boxed set which includes a book which describes each card’s meaning (written by Lance) and two sets of 77 illustrated cards containing key words and phrases that form the essential components of Higher Ground Leadership®. They are words, such as authenticity, courage, empathy, humility, integrity, legacy, purpose, respect, service, and trust, which are the words that are lived by those who are inspired and inspiring. Their purpose is to help you invite focus, spirit and greater inspiration into your daily life.

Also included are two sets of cards—a large set for regular use, and a much smaller set for traveling. Each card features a different word, and is decorated with a unique design and original artwork. The velvet-covered book contains companion text for each of the 77 words, and a verse by Marie Knapp which can serve as a meditation for each of the [email protected]®Cards. There is also an iPhone and iPad app on the iTunes Store and an e-card service on the Secretan Website.

For lovers, couples, teams and friends, these cards can be used in many ways. For example, they are an excellent way to begin the day—“How will this word inform my day today?  How will it guide us both in our relationship today?” Or they can be used to help you prepare for an important event, providing a talisman to help guide you safely through a challenge ahead. Or, use them during everyday meetings—to begin a regular meeting or to set the tone for a special one.

At home or at work, the [email protected]®Cards inspire and enlighten.